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Bong C

07 tháng 3 2020 16:36

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Write a paragraph about the changed of your homeland



Nguyễn Q

14 tháng 3 2020 02:19

Where I was born and grew up in Da Nang. The city's children is a growing modern city. Roads wander wide. The way the two buildings grow up san suicide. Da Nang's most beautiful at night, then coats the city as a new coat. Where where lighting as I am sa. They are the parents area walking on the Thuan Phuoc brigde. In the air is cool and fresh. Coastal lakes are found standing tilt touches down in their reflected nothing more of a young woman doing coast. I am very proud of themlselves as citizens Da Nang. The people of Da Nang elegance and hospitality. Study well Bong Candy!👌

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