Square root

Diễm M

14 tháng 9 2021 00:47

câu hỏi

would you mind if i ..... (carry) your language?



Dạ V

18 tháng 9 2021 16:42

carried cấu trúc: Would/Do you mind if I + past simple

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she wish she ... to the cinema (go)


Lihat jawaban (1)

A. CHOOSE THE WORD WHOSE UNDERLINED PART IS DIFFERENTLY PRONOUNCED FROM THAT OF THE OTHERS. 1. A. Easter B. feel C. break D. please 2. A. basketball B. watching C. Passover D. participate 3. A. celebrate B. failed C. potato D. compare 4. A. hobby B. collect C. complete D. decorate 5. A. phone B. wonderful C. truck D. worry 6. A. control B. respond C. novel D. deposit 7. A. cement B. crazy C. climate D. costly 8. A. hug B. pollute C. funnel D. dump 9. A. regularly B. minority C. style D. scenery 10.A. breakfast B. many C. carry D. any 11.A. says B. play C. days D. pays 12.A. cash B. fact C. stamp D. wash 13.A. done B. gone C. love D. son 14. A. earthquake B. natural C. charity D. imagine 15. A.decorate B. Jewish C. celebrate D. instead 16. A. poster B float C. shower D. solar 17. A.faucet B. resource C. ordinary D. enormous 18. A.dripped B. learned C. sacred D. polluted 19. A.stomachs B. cracks C. nominates D. parades 20. A. study B. student C. summer D. struggle 21. A. coupe B. cupboard C. camping D. open 22. A. doubt B. lamb C. both D. debt 23. A. hilarious B. homeless C. honey D. honest 24. A. played B. made C. afraid D. said 25. A. of B. wife C. off D. knife 26. A. agency B. society C. confidence D. social 27. A. snow B. known C. show D. town 28. A. forecast B. purchase C. houses D. continents 29. A. no B. most C. ton D. note 30. A. suggestion B. nation C. pollution D. correction 31. A. pressure B. measure C. conclusion D. closure 32. A. dogs B. Switzerland C. amaze D. houses 33. A. cheerful B. chaos C. scholarship D. ache 34. A. guilty B. biscuit C. suitable D. building 35. A. husband B. industrial C. useless D. must 36. A. pencil B. explosion C. equipment D. psychology 37. A. anyone B. blood C. belly D. bury 38. A. first B. asked C. letter D. castle 39. A. dictates B. pleasure C. cost D. singular 40. A. habit B. many C. salmon D. man 41. A. toxic B. zone C. lot D. forest 42. A.wood B. foot C. food D. good 43. A. pizza B. buzz C. peas D. prize 44. A.houses B. nurses C. classes D. faces 45. A. Stephen B. nephew C. leave D. laugh 46. A. comb B. doubt C. rob D. tomb 47. A.surprised B. survived C. contained D. established 48. A. sugar B. special C. machine D. price 49. A.matches B. churches C. washes D. aches 50.A. enough B. cough C. tough D. though giúp mik với nha


Lihat jawaban (1)