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Nguyễn T

29 tháng 11 2019 13:20

câu hỏi

viết đoạn văn ngắn về wonder of vietnam



Phương P

03 tháng 12 2019 10:14

In VN, there are many natural wonder, but for me Ha Long bay is one of the most natural wonder of VN HLB is located in Quang Ninh provine. It was recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage side in 1994. There are many islands and caves here. The islands are named after thing around us like Rooster and Hen island or Man head island.The bay have many beautiful sight so you must take a boat ride around here to take a lot of photo.There are a lot of sea food like crabs, fish,...It's very delicious. Beside that, there are a lot of wonderful caverns like Thien Cung, Tam Cung, Sung Sot,... it is a good place for you to relax after a hard working day. In short, if you visit VN, please spend a short time visit HLB beacause you can suprise with its wonderful

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