Square root

Tuyết N

22 tháng 1 2020 08:05

câu hỏi

Teresa (type) all day and still (not finish) the report.



Queen P

21 tháng 2 2020 08:46

has typed not finished Mình k biết có đúng không nhé ^^

Queen P

22 tháng 2 2020 11:22

has been typing mới đúng nhé mình ghi nhầm

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4. Have you ever read this book? (that) Is this ? 5. I sent these presents to that woman. (whom) That was 6. You taught me a very valuable lesson. (which) The lesson 7. This is Brenda. She lives upstairs. (who) This is 8. May I introduce Tom to you? His sister sits behind me at school. (whose) May I 9. Did you eat dinner in that restaurant? (where) Is this


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