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Lê T

07 tháng 12 2019 11:37

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Rewrite the sentences so that they mean almost the same as the ones printed before them: 1. Nam has an intention of seeing a movie tonight. > Nam is 2. The water is so dirty, and of course, you cannot swim in it. > The water isn't 3. The movie theater isn't near my house. > The movie theater is 4. Quang's new fishing rode is nice and from Japan. > Quang has a 5. Lan, this is my mother. > Lan, I'd 6. Graham Bell invented the telephone. > Graham Bell was 7. He passed the exam at the first time because he studied hard. > He studied 8. He travelled all over America. He demonstrated his invention to the public. > Travelling 9. Nien's smile so lovely. > What a 10. Van plans to do all of his Math homework today. > Van's



V. Vy

14 tháng 12 2019 10:05

1. Nam is going to see a movie tonight 2. The water isnt clean enough for you to swim 3. The movie theater is far from my house 4. Quang has a nice Janan fishing rode 5. Lan, I'd like to introduce my mother 6. Graham Bell was the inventor of telephone 7. He studied hard so he passed the exam at the first 8. Travelling all over America, he demonstrated his invention to the public 9. What a lovely smile Nien has! 10. Van's going to do all of his math homework today

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