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Lê T

14 tháng 12 2019 13:42

câu hỏi

Rearrange the words or phrases given to make meaningful sentences: 1. and/ Children/ play with/ should not/ matches/ lighters > 2. to invite me/ A friend/ phoned/ of mine/ to his party > 3. dangerous/ have to keep/ We all/ out of/ objects/ children's reach > 4. very dangerous/ It is/ medicine/ to leave/ around the house > 5. with matches/ to make sure/ You have/ children do not/ that/ play > 6. have to/ school/ Students/ go to/ on time > 7. ago/ got dressed/ went upstairs/ She/ and/ ten minutes > 8. himself/ Does/ sometimes/ he/ talk to/ ? > 9. you travel/ You ought/ the traffic rules/ to obey/ when/ on the roads > 10. last year/ The hunter/ killed/ himself/ the tiger >



Phạm P

16 tháng 12 2019 02:22

1. Children should not play with matches and lighters 2. A friend of mine phoned to invite me to his party. 3. We all have to keep dangerous objects out of childrens reach 4. It is very dangerous to leave meducine around the house 5. You have to make sure that children do not play with matches 6. Student have to go to school on time 7. She got dressed and went upstairs ten minutes ago 8. Does he sometimes talk to himself? 9. You ought to obey the traffic rules when you travel on the road 10. The hunter killed the tiger himself last year

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