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Lê T

06 tháng 12 2019 10:52

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Put the following words or phrases in the correct order to make correct sentences: 1. The water/ hot enough/ to make/ is not/ for me/ a cup of coffee > 2. couldn't come/ Mrs. Mai was/ to the phone/ in a meeting/ and > 3. although he/ later emigrated/ He was/ to Canada/ a Scotsman/ and then to America > 4. where the movies is/ so/ I'II be there/ I know/ by bike > 5. with ways/ experimented/ of/ Bell/ over a long distance/ transmitting speech > 6. they prefer/ Both boys/ to be/ enjoy school/ outside the classroom/ but > 7. that Mr. Jones/ The customer said/ before midday/ could reach her/ at 09371000 > 8. is/ hair/ with/ tall and thin/ His best friend/ short black > 9. different characters/ Do you/ have the same/ and your close friends/ or/ ? > 10. Bell and Thomas Watson/ and finally came up with/ conducted many experiments/ a device/ in 1876/ which they first produced >



Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:12

6. Both boys enjoy school but they prefer to be outside the classroom

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:13

7. The customer said that Mr. Jones could reach her at 09371000before midday

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:19

10. Bell and Thomas conducted many products and finally came up with a device which they first produced in 1876 9. Do you and your close friends have the same or different characters? 8.His best friend is tall and thin with short black hair

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:04

1.The water is not hot enough for me to make a cup of coffee

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:05

2.Mrs Mai was in the meeting and couldn't come to the phone

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:07

3. He was a Scotman although he later emigrated to Canada and then to Amercia

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:08

4. I know where the movies is so i'll be there by bike

Hà N

07 tháng 12 2019 07:10

5. Bell experimented with ways of transmitting speech over a long distance

Võ T

25 tháng 6 2021 03:39

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