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UNIT 9 & UNIT 10 TIẾNG ANH LỚP 10 Pronunciation : 1. A. description B. tradition C. question D. expression 2. A. depth B. refer C. beneath D. secret 3. A. destroyed B. depressed C. filled D. answered Main stress 4. A. destruction B. industry C. addition D. electric 5. A. against B. conserve C. frequent D. remove Mark your answer to show the underlined part that needs correcting 6. Because of his mother has been seriously ill, she can’t come to the party. A. Because of B. has been C. seriously ill D. can’t come 7. I'll pay you double if you get the work finishing by Friday. A. I'll pay B. double C. if D. finishing 8. It often takes the boy about ten minutes to go to school from here by foot A. takes B. ten minutes C. to school D. by foot Choose the one or phrase that best completes each sentence. 9/ What do I think of your purple shoes? Well, they're certainly _______. A. differ B. difference C. different D. differently 10/ This has been a _______ time for us all. A. challenge B. challenger C. challenged D. challenging 11/ Scientists now send submarines to the seabed. A. investigate B. investigative C. investigation D. investigating 12/ I need someone _______ to look after the children while I'm at work. A. depend B. dependence C. dependable D. dependant 13/ These sperm whales to the warm waters to give birth . A. settle B. goes C. relocate D. migrate 14/ They knew there must be trouble unless the report was by the next day. A. finish B. finishes C. finishing D. finished 15/ You _______ show this letter to anyone else. A. mustn't B. didn’t have to C. couldn’t D. didn’t need 16/ I wouldn't work for them even if they _______ me twice my current salary. A. paid B. had paid C. have paid D. pay 17/ If anyone _______ for me, please tell them I'll be back in the office at 4 o'clock. A. rang B. had rung C. rings D. has rung 18/ Many people are very concerned about the _______ of the rainforests. A. lost B. loss C. lose D. losing 19/ When preparing meals, you need to think about _______ and taste as well as nutritional value. A. variety B. various C. varied D. variable 20/ Some marine animals are dangerous to humans. A. living in the mountain B. living in the ocean C. living in the forest D. living in the house 21/ Sperm whales and sharks are carnivores. A. animals that live in the sea B. animals that only eat plants C. fish that aren't born from eggs D. animals that eat meat 22/ Zoos nowadays are very about their image. A. sense B. sensitive C. sensible D. senseless 23/ A novelist is a person who has a very mind. A. image B. imagine C. imaginative D. imagination 24/ Most of the old part of the city was _______ by bombs during the war. A. planted B. destroyed C. eliminated D. worried 25/ We would never know the true of the loss of forest. A. interest B. value C. conserve D. cost


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